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Handmade in Italy with Passion
Handmade in Italy with Passion

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By women for women

L'Equilibriste represents our concept of woman: dynamic, demanding, always poised between family, work and the strength to feel good and feel beautiful.

Our clothes are designed by those who know the wonder of the female universe.

Made with love

All our garments are designed and handcrafted by our seamstresses in Italy and are often made in small series.

We are not interested in being a brand for everyone but a brand to fall in love with.

Why L'Equilibriste

I thought of those women who, like me, start the day thinking about the countless things to do without knowing if they will be able to do them all, who do not have time to make changes in front of the wardrobe but who must always be in shape for their lifestyle.

Those women in a subtle balance between the feelings of guilt for being mothers and professionals, friends and lovers, between a hairdo and a shopping at the supermarket, between a personal trainer and an aperitif in the latest trendy longe bar, even before having finished the report for the boss who is waiting for her by midnight.

Women who want to feel beautiful, fit and fashionable, who spare nothing to achieve their goals; we women, always short of breath and balanced on a heel 12 .

So 5 years ago the first product was born, the Equilibriste leggings said by many: the leggings with the stars .

It was born in a lounge at the Dubai airport waiting for the connection to Singapore. “I saw beautiful and elegant women in high heels in clothes out of place for style and comfort, exhausted by hours and hours of travel.

Women who preferred elegance to comfort… ”As if a woman had to decide between the two. As if a woman couldn't be beautiful, elegant and comfortable at the same time.

Why choose between comfort or beauty?
Why can't a woman be comfortable and sexy at the same time?

– Francesca, CEO

Inspired by the world of the circus, because the circus always makes you dream and makes you feel like children again.

It had to be a brand that gave an experience and not just a product, our leggings contained our world, that of women with a suitcase in hand, a real baggage but full of dreams.

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